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The Pardall Center is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for all students and members of the broader Isla Vista community.
All members utilizing the space and services of the Pardall Center agree to respect and honor the Code of Conduct outlined below at all times while on the Pardall Center grounds.

Community Agreements/Expectations


  • Membership is required by all patrons who access the Pardall Center and its services. Membership is free for all users and includes an agreement to abide by the Pardall Center’s Code of Conduct before use of the space.

Respect for Staff

  • Using the Pardall center is a privilege, not a right. The Pardall Center reserves the right to refuse service to Members who violate any policy or procedure, or engage in verbal and/or physical abuse of staff or other members.
  • As one of their primary responsibilities, staff is to maintain order and ensure a welcoming space for all students and community members. Staff must be treated with respect and their directions must be followed at all times. Failure to comply may result in a loss of privileges at the Center. This is at the sole discretion of Pardall Center Staff.

Respect for Members

  • Members of the campus community and guests can expect to be treated fairly and respectfully by Pardall Center employees.

Respect for Space

Disruptive Behavior

  • Aggressive, intimidating or antagonistic actions, or use of offensive language based on their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or economic status will not be tolerated. 
  • Pardall Center space is primarily used as a space for study. Please be mindful of this when using the space.
  • Disruptive behavior of any kind, including harassment, loud conversations in designated quiet areas, excessive noise, harassment of other members or staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Be mindful and considerate of others and your surroundings. No loud conversations, rapid movements, or using audio devices without headphones is permitted
  • All unattended items are subject to employee search if deemed necessary.


  • All furniture and appliances within the Pardall Center are owned by Associated students. Damage or destruction of A.S. property may require appropriate compensation.


  • Loitering is prohibited if staff deems it disruptive to other Members.

Privacy/Filming and Photography in the Building

  • Member’s private information will not be shared unless required by law or deemed necessary by PC Staff in the case of an emergency.
  • If you see another Member’s information left on a screen, please help us keep this information confidential by logging out. 
  • Downloads on shared computers will be regularly deleted by Pardall Center staff. 
  • Recording, photographing, or filming persons in the Center without their prior consent is prohibited.


  • Children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult guardian to enter the Pardall Center. Guardians assume all liability and responsibility for the actions and safety of the minor children while in the Center. The Pardall Center does not assume any responsibility for the safety of children left unattended.

Hygiene/Appropriate Attire

  • Please be fully clothed at all times in the Pardall Center. Shoes and shirts are required. 
  • Pardall Center’s bathrooms are the only designated space where hygiene-related activities are allowed. Pardall Center is committed to providing free hygiene supplies to all who may need them in an effort to support our Members who may not have regular access. 
  • Body odor that is deemed to be distracting, as reported by other PC Members, will be addressed by staff quietly requesting the Member take advantage of the Center’s free hygiene supplies.



  • First time users please ask for assistance from PC staff to get trained on proper use of the copiers.
  • If you have a job requiring over 25 pages, please consult PC Staff for support.
  • Each Member is allowed to print up to 200 copies per quarter. (150 B&W and 50 Color). Members that wish to exceed the copy limit must receive prior approval from PC Staff.


  • Free parking is for PC Members and staff only and is limited to the four spaces on the East side of the Building. The back lot is reserved for 2nd floor staff and emergency vehicles only. 
  • Member parking is limited to 2hrs per visit, and permits are required. Temporary permits may be obtained at the PC reception desk and must be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard in plain view. Please note that your ID will be held by staff until the parking permit is returned. 
  • Pardall Center reserves the right to request any user to move their car for Pardall Center program or maintenance related purposes if needed.
  • Violation of the Parking Policy may result in your vehicle being towed at PC staff discretion.


  • Distribution of non-commercial advertisements are permitted in the Pardall Center in designated areas only. Please check with staff for approval of materials and appropriate location prior to placement.
  • Non-commercial advertising includes but is not limited to non-profit, educational, and community-based advertising.
  • Unapproved or outdated postings will be removed without warning by staff.

Resource Loan Program

  • Specific furniture and equipment may be borrowed on a short-term basis including tables, chairs, extension cords etc. 
  • Library Collection books may be borrowed/used inside the Pardall Center only, and are not to be removed from the premises.
  • Please check with Pardall staff for details and approval prior to removing any items.


Food and Drink

  • Food is allowed in the PC except in the computer area. 
  • Please get prior approval from PC staff if you plan to bring in, or serve large quantities of food.
  • Members are required to clean up after themselves. Please honor our compost and recycling policy. Bins are provided in front of the building. 
  • Those with odorous foods may be asked to remove them to the patio at the sole discretion of PC Staff.

Lost and Found

  • To retrieve items, the owner must show an ID and have a detailed description of the item or where it might have been misplaced.
  • Items left in lost and found, will be donated if left unclaimed after two weeks.


  • Pets are allowed in the PC but must be under constant supervision. 
  • Members with disruptive or ill-behaved pets will be asked to leave the premises. This is at the sole discretion of staff.

Alcohol/Smoking/Controlled Substances

  • Smoking of any kind, including vaping, is prohibited on the PC Grounds (This includes the Front Patio.)
  • Alcohol possession or consumption is prohibited anywhere on the PC premises, including the front patio. 
  • Use of any controlled substances is strictly forbidden.
  • If under the influence and display disruptive behavior you will be asked to leave this space.


  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited at the Pardall Center; including but not limited to concealed weapons.
  • A weapon can be seen as an object designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.

Computer Use

  • The PC has a limited number of computers and Members are expected to be considerate of others. If anyone is waiting, Members shall restrict their use to thirty (30) minutes.
  • Computers shall not be used for viewing inappropriate or offensive content including but not limited to nudity, sexual content, or content that promotes violence.
  • Content saved on shared computers will be cleared by staff on a regular basis.
  • Members caught downloading content illegally will forfeit their privilege to future use of the computers. This is strictly enforced.
  • Pardall Center has short term and longer-term use areas for computers, as well as designated computers for printing. All Members are expected to respect the limited computer resources at the Pardall Center during busy periods and may be asked by staff to end their computer session to make way for others if needed.


Users of the Pardall Center must also adhere to UCSB Policies.

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